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Where Eagles Fly

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*Come and enjoy the flight of your life*

The mountains and badlands around Cody Wyoming are some of the most scenic in the world!!!

When you're flying 3,000 ft. off the ground in our open cockpit aircraft, you really will be "Where Eagles Fly"!!!

You came here to see it all, so let us give you an experience to FLY FOR!!!

~ All our flights are instructional and can be logged

~ We cater to the bold and not so bold

~ 100% safety record

~ Experienced FAA certified flight instructor

~ Over 1,000 hrs. flying weight shift aircraft and 20+ years

~ Photos of your flight available for purchase

Operating 7 days a week sunrise to sunse

*Reservations required*

*All flights are weather permitting*

-Weight limit of 220 lbs.-

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