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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is this flight an aerial tour or scenic flight?

A: No. It's better than a tour, you get to fly the aircraft (if you choose)!! All of our flights are considered lessons, although your first flights require no student participation on the controls. You will be flying with an FAA certified flight instructor. Even better, if you feel comfortable you can fly the aircraft!! The area we fly over just happens to be some of the most beautiful scenery in the world, with the mountains surrounding Yellowstone Park being our back drop!!

Q: How do I make a reservation?

A: Please call 307-899-3659 to make a reservation. Mon-Sun. 8am-9pm

Q: How many people can ride at once?

A: Only two people can ride on the aircraft at one time. You and your instructor.

Q: What should I wear?

A: Bring a sweat shirt or light jacket and wear closed toe shoes that lace up with socks. No flip flops, as they might blow off and go through the prop! We provide flight suits and gloves.

Q: What if I get scared after we take off?

A: We normally stay close to the airport for the first few min. so we could come right back down and land, although we have never had to do so yet! Usually after the first couple of min., you will not be scared and will instead enjoy the flight of your life!

Q: Do I have to fly the aircraft?

A: Absolutely not, but most likely you will want to!! Either way, you will be getting an experience to FLY FOR!!!

Q: Can I fly the aircraft?

A: Absolutely!! Except for take off and landing, you can fly the trike till your hearts content!!

Q: What if I'm prone to motion sickness?

A: If we know ahead of time, we will try to schedule your flight for early am or late pm. The air is most smooth then. Even sensitive people don't seem to have a problem with sickness because of being in an open cockpit aircraft feels less confined and there is plenty of fresh Rocky Mountain air!

Q: What if I'm afraid of heights?

A: We do everything possible to ease the fear, and most people relax after just a couple of min. We normally stay close to the airport for the first few min., so we can come right back down and land. Nobody has ever requested that yet!!

Q: Can I bring my own camera or water bottle in the aircraft?

A: No. We don't allow anything loose that could possibly fly through the prop (the prop is behind you). We do have a camera attached out on the wing, so it poses no risk to the prop or the passengers. We do offer pictures for purchase.

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