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My name is L.J. O'Mara. I have been living the dream of flying for over 20 yrs. I started flying foot launched hang gliders off various hills and mountains throughout the Rocky Mountain Region in the early 90's. Since then I have added Gliders, Airplanes, and Trikes to the list.

With over 20 yrs. experience, and 1,000 +hrs flying weight shift hang gliders, the Trike was a perfect fit.

In 2011, my wife Holly and I purchased our Airborne XT, with the intention to be able to share the amazing feeling of flying in these incredible machines!!

And so Airborne Over Cody was born to serve guests and students here in Cody Wyoming.

My current ratings :

~ Commercial single engine airplane

~ Flight Instructor Airplane

~ Commercial glider

~ Flight instructor glider

~ Sport / Private weight shift

~ Sport / Private instructor weight shift

~ Advanced rated hang glider Instructor

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